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Traditional Naalukettu 

The traditional architectural style of the homes in Kerala is popularly known as Nalukettu houses. These houses prevailed several years back when the culture of a joint family was prominent. These structures are made by considering the norms and principles of Thachu Sasthra and Vasthu Sasthra. Hinge on the castes, the Nalukettu houses are also referred to as tharavadu, kovilakam, kottaram, meda or illam.

Nalukettu’s are more than just a building structure, they are a tradition that belongs to Kerala. Sadly, these slowly faded into obscurity as socio-cultural changes took over the state. Education started gaining prominence, and more women started migrating from a life led completely inside sooty kitchens to the hustling world of independence and work.

Classic traditional styles cannot be totally phased out in favor of the modern, instead, We draw inspiration from the past and mold it to fit and suit contemporary needs. 

Residential Building Construction & Renovation

Residential construction is different than commercial construction, because these buildings are used for people to live in instead of working in.  While many people think that single family homes are residential construction, the category also includes multi-family homes, apartments, condominiums, and even mobile homes. 

For each residential construction project, a piece of land is purchased, cleared, and graded.  The drainage and other features are added and then the construction of the building takes place.  Once the home is finished, a person moves in and the contractor moves on to their next project. 

This type of construction is quite lucrative right now, which means that contractors need to keep everything moving forward or they risk losing out on future projects.  They need to continuously look for new land, always keep a list of qualified workers on hand, know where they can find materials at competitive prices, and have enough money to cover all their costs until each home is finished. 

Commercial Buildings & Apartments 

A commercial building is one that is built with the sole intention of letting out as a source of supplementing the family income. A row of shops, hostels, office spaces, etc are examples of commercial buildings. A commercial building can be a low-rise, medium-rise, or high-rise building. The rules applicable to the construction of commercial buildings in Kerala are completely different from those for residential buildings.

As a renowned construction organization, we adhere to the strict project guidelines and schedules and help our clients in acquiring setups that are well within their budgets. Our methodologies, pricing structure and models have helped in creating some of the most fascinating commercial centers and structures across the state.

Temple Construction as per its Geometry

We are committed to recreate the purely kerala structures when and where it needed, We played a major role in recreating the complete structure of the several temples in central kerala after devastation the ancient structure by time.

We have an association with few of the grate thachans family who proved them self and guarded the traditional architecture & carving works for decades.

With the help of them us could complete few prestigious temple work along with essay carving and detailing. We are capable enough to take up any type of traditional temple work.

Interior Designing & Work  

We have a team of expert home interior designers to give personal attention to each customer. The company assigns a client to an interior designer, considering the project value, situation of the site, and requirements. Our services are tailored towards providing our clients unique experiences with intelligent and high-quality functional design spaces.

We make use of the latest design trends and work with a commitment to bring out the best possible result. We have a team who are competitive and mindful and who also ensure that the best possible outcome is always achieved. Their works include visiting the site, taking actual measurements and making drawings as per the requirements.

The process includes layout plan, 2D drawings, 3D views and revisions towards the final result to the satisfaction of the client. Thus, our team of professionals by using their extensive experience leads clients through a creative point combined with exceptional interior design for an end result, which we can both showcase with pride.

Architecture Drawing & Designing

Architectural drawing is the foundation of building and construction. It’s the blueprint for creating buildings that meet client specifications, aesthetic values, and local code regulations. At its core, an architectural drawing is an illustration of what a final building project could look like. It could show the overall construction or could focus on only one part of the building. The goal is to show as much detail as possible so that architects will be able to determine whether their building plans are accurate. 

We provide entire Plan & Design according to Vasthu, Plot Features, Direction & Angle, as well as the budget, etc. Our architectural services cover the full set of drawings required for complete construction from traditional to contemporary. We have ample experience and expertise in this service

Architectural drawings are a perfect way to get an understanding of a building project’s scope, cost, and labor requirements. Understanding both the big picture and the small details will give you the ability to determine whether the design will accomplish all of your goals.  And once you have a solid design, you should be able to meet your expectations more easily. 


Consultation can be done for various areas of construction like structural design, analysis, project management, construction management, contracts, surveying etc.

We are functioned to perform an extensive analysis and Vasthu of the structure under consideration. We also analyze the environmental factors so that the structure finally constructed is durable, sustainable, functional and safe buildings.

We help to chooses the best and economical materials and construction method to perform the project. We give priority to the client’s consideration and views.

Loan Processing

Everyone has a dream of making his own house, we are here to fulfil your dreams with easy procedure and by providing housing loan at your doorstep. We understand that a home is not just a place to stay. It is much more than that. It is a warm little corner in the world that is yours, tailored by your tastes and needs. It is the place where you celebrate the joys and enjoy the journey called life. There is no place like ‘home’ and with Us you can gather hopes, achieve your dreams and create memories in your own space.

Whether you want to buy a new house or renovate your current one home loan is for everyone. One can use a home loan to even extend, construct or repair his/her home. Leading Banks and Non-Banking Financial Companies are willing to offer home loan to applicants if they fulfill the eligibility criteria and complete the documentation work. Applicants can avail a home loan from the lenders for a tenure ranging up to 30 years.

 Permits & Licenses 

Most construction projects and many home improvement jobs will require to obtain a building permit. The process varies by location, but generally, getting a building permit entails:

  • Completing an application
  • Creating and submitting a construction site plan and building blueprint, often with the help of an architect
  • Scheduling an appointment with the city for building plan approval, which could take weeks or months if revisions are needed
  • Scheduling regular inspections during construction
  • Getting final approval from local building authorities

While major residential or commercial construction jobs likely require building permits. We help you to make these steps much more easier.

Brokering Service

Our offered services are rendered in order to meet the residential requirements of clients in efficient manner at all places keeping in mind the local trends, spots and finest amenities.

Buying, Selling, Lease, Rent etc of Residential & Commercial Building, Office space, House, Villa, etc in throughout Kerala etc. The real estate market of Kerala shows positivity with increasing demands from buyers and supply from developers. We have earned a reputation of quality builder which completes the project keeping a tight tab on given time schedule.